Cloudlevel Offer Cirrus Bespoke Websites


In addition to the rapid-deploy Cumulus service, Cloudlevel offer a fully bespoke Cirrus package. Cirrus is built from the gound up to the client’s exact specification. The layout and website structure is limited only by imagination (and sometimes the likely end-user experience!)

Cirrus websites are fully responsive and “mobile first”. This means they are built for less powerful devices such as mobile phones and then scaled up with additional content and graphical flourishes for powerful laptops and PCs, providing an excellent user experience across all devices.

Cirrus is built on the same powerful UK-based hardware infrastructure as our Cumulus and Stratus offerings to ensure great performance and SEO. But because Cirrus is fully bespoke, we can provide alternative hosting solutions as required, or deploy the site on your existing infrastructure.

Find out more about Cirrus and drop us a line with any questions you have today!

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